FOX 35 Site Update (6-29-08)

Here’s SOS Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch’s update from the FOX 35 TNR project site for Sunday, June 29, 2008.
It was a dark and stormy night…before we were done in by the rain and the lightening we managed to trap one black kitten approximately 6 months old. He/she seemed pretty calm about being captured. Early Sunday morning we trapped 3 young kittens 6-8 weeks old and CARE rescued a 4 week old Saturday evening. So, the tally stands at 19 kittens and 4 adults. We are still seeing one lactating mom who is very trap savvy. She is accompanied everywhere by a single tabby kitten. I believe we already have the other tabby kittens from this litter. A number of young kittens are still at the site.

Our trapping efforts are being compromised by individuals who are now coming to the site and feeding on their own. The feeder had withheld food so the cats would be hungry but when we arrived there were numerous bowls of food scattered on the Fox lot and the adjacent lots as well. We need to get the word out to the public that while well intentioned, this is making our job much more difficult.

The high spot of the day was the first of the FOX kittens was adopted today! More than half of the kittens taken in thus far are responding quickly to the intensive TLC they are receiving. Several are ready for adoption now and more should be ready in the coming week. A few are a little more timid but coming around as well.

One final note, while we were sitting watching the traps tonight and just prior to the downpour a double rainbow appeared arching from James River A/C to the north to the crematory supply company immediately south of the location…it was just breath taking and a sign (at least to us) that we are doing a good thing here.




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