Coming very soon…

Coming very soon will be posts about SOS’s ongoing efforts in Virginia, including updates on the ongoing trap and release effort at WRLH-TV in Richmond.

Stay Tuned!


4 responses to “Coming very soon…

  1. Eileen McAfee

    Peggy/Susan/SOS/Somebuddies: Thank you very much for all your work for these helpless little animals and for the blog to help keep us posted.

    I went in person to FOX on Friday, 6/27 to express my concern. Everything that came out of their mouths was “misinformation”. The General Manager’s Asst., “Elizabeth” claimed there were only 12 cats on site. Another employee whom I met in the parking lot said “no bulldozer was used – just a weed whacker.” When I said, “Hmm, I thought I saw a bulldozer on TV,” he then said, “Well, it was only used in a small area.” (A bulldozer for a “small area”?)

  2. Lee Ann Orefice

    I am so admire your hard work and dedication. As a former rescuer who has moved on to other things (therapy dog work) I know how hard this work can be. Kudos to all of you.

  3. ila Ratterree

    Critter Control and other Pest Control Companies need to be Charged for Animal Cruelty and Investigated. If you look at their Advertisements, it says ” Other” This is not the First time one of these Businesses has Committed this crime. Part of the Problem is that Animal Control no longer comes out, so then ppl call these Pest Control Companies who are Illegally Killing Companion, pets like Cats & Kittens.

    TNR is the Humane Answer and the only one that will work. We all need to support the Humane groups with Donations, Volunteering or working with the RSPCA to get them all S/N.

    P.S A BIG! Thank-You to Robin Starr /RSPCA , P.A.L & All the Humane Groups out there 😉

  4. It’s totally amazing to me that this new station has supposedly asked for help in resolving his cat colony problem. IT (BIG IF) we really think he did this, he needs to show evidence of proof (who he asked, when he asked and he needs to be serious about coughing up the proof. I don’t imagine the three adult cats who were exterminated (INHUMANELY – not laid on a bed of catnip having their nails done while being MURDERED. Yeah – those 3 cats were NOT asked if they’d like to go to a new feral colony, move away completely OR have their necks snapped while in the inhumane traps! The General Manager of FOX needs to resign over this animal fiasco and his poor handling of this situation. The only positive thing that has come about is that now FOX finally “gets it” and moves those in high offices right out into those traps that kritter cottage no longer needs,

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