FOX 35 Site Update (7-1-08)

Here’s an update of what happened on July 1, by SOS’s Peggy Lynch from the scene of the trap and release effort behind the WRLH TV, FOX 35 building on Westmoreland Street in Richmond.

Kittens, kittens everywhere…the totals keep rising. We have now trapped 25 kittens and 6 adults. This morning Susan Lumpkin and I responded to the site to investigate a report of a small kitten crying in the area where the 4 week old kitten now known as Nellie was discovered last Saturday. After a couple of hours of coaxing and carefully clearing an area with tree loppers and pruning equipment we were able to reach her. She is healthy as was Nellie so the mother cat had obviously been caring for them. They are both now safe and sound in foster care. Neither is weaned so they are being bottle fed by CARE and Somebuddies, Inc but will be reunited tomorrow which should be very comforting for them both.

The manager for one of the adjacent businesses came out while I was crawling about in the brambles. He expressed his shock and bewilderment about the events of the last week. He remarked that the cats have been there for many years and never bothered anyone. He went on to say that if the cats were not there he could only imagine the mice and rat problem they would have in their warehouse. He is very right. Nature does abhor a vacuum.

My long suffering husband installed a Dutch door for me on the last room in our home that was essentially cat free…his office…:) So he and his new office assistants will be bunking together for the near term. Some of the FOX kittens will be up for adoption this Sunday at our adoption stand at Betty Baugh’s Animals Clinic. It is important that we begin the placement process in order to make space for the dozen or more kittens we still see at the site.

So it has been a good day for the animals. Charges have been brought for the wrongful death of the 3 ferals euthanized by Critter Control and several more babies are now safe and on the road to new loving homes.

Our efforts will continue…


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