FOX 35 Site Update (7-2-08)

Here’s the update from SOS Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch from the FOX 35 Trap, Neuter and Return site from July 2, 2008.
Yesterday I touched based with the fosters for the FOX kittens, who we are now calling the  “foxlets”  (thanks to Karen W. for coining the term).  All are doing very well and the ones who have been spayed or neutered will be offered for adoption this weekend and in the coming weeks. The resilience of these little ones never ceases to amaze me. In just a short period of time they morph from being frightened and cowering, into playful purr boxes who seem to have an insatiable appetite for affection and canned food. Two are  “helping me” type this post at this very moment.

Among the unsung heroes in this initiative are Tori Fenwick and the wonderful Staff at Prevent A Litter Veterinary Clinic. Tori coordinated with SOS on our first night of trapping and came out at 11 PM to open the clinic and receive the 10 cats and kittens trapped that evening. PAL has reached out as they always do, enthusiastically offering assistance and going above and beyond just providing veterinary services. Several PAL staffers are fostering foxlets and helping us to get the word out about the current situation and the need for loving adoptive families for the foxlets. This would have been a far more difficult endeavor were it not for the joint efforts SOS, the Richmond SPCA, CARE, Somebuddies,Inc, PAL and the individuals with other organizations who responded so quickly.

I returned to the location last night and am please to report there has been a significant drop in kitten sightings. This is very gratifying as it indicates we have been very successful in getting a handle on that part of our initiative. We can now begin to focus more aggressively on the trap, neuter and return of the adult population while continuing to target the identified kitten locations Those of you on the trapping teams will be receiving an email shortly setting out our trapping schedule for the coming weeks and the appointments in place with the Richmond SPCA.

Many thanks to all for your continued support.
Have a great day!


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