Update on Charges Filed in FOX 35 Case

This isn’t brand new news, but here’s an excerpt from the news release from Henrico County about the charges filed in relation to the feral cat colony behind FOX 35.  Note: There’s a typo in the copy.  The date is probably supposed to be June 30, not June 3.

On June 3, 2008 at 4:47 PM the Henrico Police Animal Protection Unit obtained three warrants for 3.1-796.122 Animal Cruelty against Mr. Keith J. Copi. This was a result of an investigation that began last week involving the company Mr. Copi works for, Critter Control, being contracted by WRLH Fox 35 to trap and remove a feral cat colony behind the business on Westmorland Street.

Fox 35, Critter Control and Mr. Copi have been cooperative during the entire investigation.

After a thorough investigation and consultation with the Henrico County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office we determined that Mr. Copi acted illegally by trapping and then killing the cats. We are not releasing the manner in which the cats were killed as that will be used as evidence against him in court by the Commonwealth Attorney.

Mr. Copi faces up to 12 months in jail and a $2500.00 fine on each charge.

We have been in contact with Mr. Copi’s attorney and he will be arrested later this week.


One response to “Update on Charges Filed in FOX 35 Case

  1. ila Ratterree

    Please let everyone know when the Court Date is.

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