Foxlet Slideshow

Below is a slideshow of pictures taken of kittens rescued from the FOX 35 cat colony during the Trap, Neuter and Return mission there … otherwise known as the “Foxlets”. These pictures were taken by Peggy Lynch during a tour of the “foster homes” where the kittens are living and becoming socialized. Peggy says all of the little balls of fur are doing great! Some of them will be available for adoption THIS WEEKEND from 12 noon until 3 p.m. at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic (5322 Patterson Avenue in Richmond).

These pics are also available on Flicker. Click here to view them!

To see a larger image from the pictures in the slideshow, just click on the picture. You’ll be taken to, the service used to make this slideshow. To see the title of a photo (most of which include the name of the kitten in the picture), just hold your mouse pointer over the picture. If you reach the end of the slideshow and want to watch it again, just click refresh on your browser and it will start over.


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