FOX 35 Site Update (7-6-08)

Here’s the update from SOS Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch from the FOX 35 Trap, Neuter and Return site from July 6, 2008.

All photos taken on Sunday evening are available at Flickr. Click here to view them.
It continues to be slow going at the FOX colony location. People are still feed at the site which is hurting our trapping efforts. I visited the location Saturday afternoon and found small pink and blue bowls filled with food on the railroad siding. I removed the bowls and left a note wrapped in plastic under a rock in the hopes that the well intentioned feeder would find it. When we returned the note was still there but there was no food in sight.

We gave the cats a break from trapping for a couple of days as the SPCA and PAL were closed for the holiday weekend and we didn’t want to stress the cats by keeping any in traps for too long. We trapped a 6 week old female in the early hours this morning. But tonight we trapped for 2 hours before being rained out with no success. This is the first night we have come away empty handed. The adults do not appear hungry. So we are concerned there is off site feeding going on that we have not discovered yet. We did a trapping post mortem before leaving and came up with a strategy of different bait to try tomorrow. We will hit the location early in the morning and then again tomorrow evening.

We held adoptions today at our regular location. Channels 8 and 12 both covered the event and announced that the FOX kittens would be available for adoption on several news casts Friday and Saturday and we truly appreciate their continued interest in this ongoing situation. Traffic was slow but the people who came out did adopt. 5 kittens (1 Foxlet) and 2 adults were placed in new loving homes. We would not normally hold adoptions on July 4th weekend because it is traditionally slow but we wanted to take advantage of the media attention the cats and kittens have been receiving. We are overflowing with kittens, 46 between the SOS kittens and the Foxlets, all of whom are getting older each day so it is imperative that we take every opportunity to find them homes.

Tonight we spotted four six to seven-week-old kittens that we have seen before, as well as two adult cats that we have not seen in the 12 days we have been on site. The lactating mama cats continue to ignore the traps and run interference when the kittens show interest. We have trapped all but one of a litter of tiny grey kittens. Mom is keeping the remaining baby very close. The kitten is adorable to watch scampering down the railroad tracks never far from mom’s watchful gaze. A dozen or so adults are regulars at the location but it appears many have dispersed for a quieter domain. Of the adults we are seeing approximately 1/2 are ear tipped. One cat who I have named Boomerang has been trapped three times. She was spayed and returned last week but apparently can’t resist the siren’s song of Jack Mackerel…:)

The Foxlets all continue to do well. Several more are now weigh enough to be spayed and neutered this week. The two four-week-olds are now eating on their own and thriving under the loving care of CARE and Somebuddies, Inc. Two eight-week-olds are struggling with diarrhea and need force feeding to maintain their strength but over all the kittens taken from the site are amazingly healthy.


One response to “FOX 35 Site Update (7-6-08)

  1. ila Ratterree

    Seven Adopted is not bad for the 4th of July ( Holiday ) Weekend. I’m glad two adults were adopted. Competing with KITTENS! is Never easy. Lol!

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