FOX 35 Site Update (7-8-08)

Here’s the site update from the Trap, Neuter and Return project at WRLH (FOX 35), from SOS Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch!

Another kitten was recovered from the FOX location this early this morning. She is a long hair torti female, quite sweet and suffering from some upper respiratory symptoms. She is now receiving treatment for her eye issues and runny nose. She loves canned food and is responding well to love and attention.

We are changing up the trapping times so we are not so predictable. This is a little like the TV show “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” Those of us who work with feral cats know not to underestimate their intelligence. Our buddy Boomerang came out while I was walking the site this evening. She appeared ready to volunteer for duty if I felt so inclined as to offer up a a little seafood nosh…:). She is quite lovely and appears amused by the trapping game.

We will have a dozen of the Foxlets available for adoption at our adoption stand at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic this Sunday. The Times Dispatch has refused to accept classified ads from us that contain any reference to the FOX location or FOX colony kittens so we will be working to get this information out in other ways. Please help us spread the word that these spunky, resilient, affectionate kittens need good homes and a new start.

The Richmond SPCA has been wonderful to work with on this project and made room in their busy schedule for all of the cats and kittens we have brought in. We so appreciate their kindness and willingness to work with the feast or famine nature of a feral cat trapping effort such as this one.

Stay tuned for more trapping updates this week.



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