Statement from SOS Regarding FOX 35 No Trespassing Signs

The following is a statement from Save Our Shelters Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch, regarding the No Trespassing” signs that have recently been placed on the WRLH (FOX 35) property . The image in this post is of one of those signs. Click the picture to see a larger version.

“No Trespassing” signs have now appeared around the perimeter of the FOX property. This is very disappointing and confusing to us who have been working at this location. While it does not prevent us from continuing to trap, it does deny us access to the location favored by the cats. It is unclear at this time why FOX has had a change of heart with respect to access to the location but we will update this blog as we get more information.

Three more kittens were retrieved from the location early this morning. They are being spayed and neutered at the SPCA today and will go into a foster home this evening.

Peggy Lynch
Director of Cat Rescue
Save Our Shelters


2 responses to “Statement from SOS Regarding FOX 35 No Trespassing Signs

  1. This is, once again, this is UNBELIEVEABLE!!
    Does Fox just not realize how absolutely stupid they’re being where PR is concerned. They’ve already come off as the lying and insensitive big TV station against the little animal rescue organizations. Now they’re backing up the lies that they were working with these rescue organizations and trying to impede any further rescues. Unreal!! When will they learn? We need to get this message out to as many people as possible so that the Richmond community can continue to boycott their sponsors and spread the word as to their true nature.

  2. I’m going through the Same B.S with Ferals that hang out near the Gayton Crossing Shopping, Some of the Business Owners have told me not to come on their Property. So the Cycle Continues ( Kittens are born ) The Ignorance that isstill out there ( shaking Head ) What will it take to make the Public understand, TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN. I wish these ppl would stop being Morons.

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