FOX 35 Site Update (7-16-08)

Additional clearing of the shrub growth along the railroad siding behind the FOX site began again today. The dumpster was full of limbs and branches. A significant amount of the cats remaining cover has been removed and the grassy area where the cat shelter once stood has been mowed. Approximately a dozen cats were in and around this area this evening. We trapped five adults all of whom were ear tipped. So with the exception of the nursing moms that still reside in the area, we may have trapped most of the adults still there. The two other locations that we have identified as the new location for many of the original cats noted at the FOX site still have untipped adults among the population.

The night was not a total loss as we did trap the last grey kitten who has been eluding us for the past two week. He is approximately 8 weeks old and appears to be the littermate of the two grey female kittens trapped during the first few nights at the site. We have named this little one Tiddles. He/she is a little frightened but no hissing or growling. I have been able to hold him and feed him from my hand. I think he is already convinced we are on his side…:) Trapping will continue.

Peace, Peggy


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