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FOX 35 Site Update (7-16-08)

Additional clearing of the shrub growth along the railroad siding behind the FOX site began again today. The dumpster was full of limbs and branches. A significant amount of the cats remaining cover has been removed and the grassy area where the cat shelter once stood has been mowed. Approximately a dozen cats were in and around this area this evening. We trapped five adults all of whom were ear tipped. So with the exception of the nursing moms that still reside in the area, we may have trapped most of the adults still there. The two other locations that we have identified as the new location for many of the original cats noted at the FOX site still have untipped adults among the population.

The night was not a total loss as we did trap the last grey kitten who has been eluding us for the past two week. He is approximately 8 weeks old and appears to be the littermate of the two grey female kittens trapped during the first few nights at the site. We have named this little one Tiddles. He/she is a little frightened but no hissing or growling. I have been able to hold him and feed him from my hand. I think he is already convinced we are on his side…:) Trapping will continue.

Peace, Peggy


A Great Day at Betty Baugh’s

SOS had a great adoption day at Betty Baughs Animal Clinic.  There were more than a few tears at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic Sunday afternoon as SOS foster families gave their furry, purring charges to their new adoptive families. Fostering is both rewarding and emotional. We are so very fortunate to have loving individuals and families who regularly open their homes and their hearts to cats and kittens in need. We also found loving homes for 11 cats today, seven of which were Foxlets! All three local television stations sent news crews to the clinic to do stories about the Foxlet adoptions, which is wonderful publicity for the organization and its volunteers.  SOS also had a very good night trapping.  If you havent read todays site update, scroll up on this blog!

Video: The Cats and Kittens of FOX 35

Welcome to the premier of the very first YouTube video from Save Our Shelters! This video, narrated by SOS Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch, provides an overview of the feral cat colony behind WRLH (FOX 35) and other businesses on Westmoreland Street near Richmond, Virginia. This colony has been very much in the news lately, and SOS and other animal groups in Richmond are currently in the middle of a Trap, Neuter and Return project at the site. Please read the SOS statement about FOX 35’s latest actions by clicking here.

Statement from SOS Regarding FOX 35 No Trespassing Signs

The following is a statement from Save Our Shelters Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch, regarding the No Trespassing” signs that have recently been placed on the WRLH (FOX 35) property . The image in this post is of one of those signs. Click the picture to see a larger version.

“No Trespassing” signs have now appeared around the perimeter of the FOX property. This is very disappointing and confusing to us who have been working at this location. While it does not prevent us from continuing to trap, it does deny us access to the location favored by the cats. It is unclear at this time why FOX has had a change of heart with respect to access to the location but we will update this blog as we get more information.

Three more kittens were retrieved from the location early this morning. They are being spayed and neutered at the SPCA today and will go into a foster home this evening.

Peggy Lynch
Director of Cat Rescue
Save Our Shelters

FOX 35 Site Update (7-10-08)

Here’s the July 10 update from the FOX 35 TNR site, from SOS Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch!


Weather, heat and humidity continue to interfere with our trapping efforts. In their infinite feline wisdom, the cats avoid any unnecessary activity when it is hot and sticky out. The same can’t be said for us. Our time at the site has not been wasted, however. We now recognize many of the cats and know their favorite locations which allows us to better plan our trap placement.



Many of the cats have moved away from the FOX site because of all of the disruption, and unfamiliar activities. But is is interesting to watch them periodically investigate the area under the satellite dishes where their shelter and feeding station used to be located. All of the events of the past two weeks must be very confusing and frightening to them.


This Sunday many of the FOX colony kittens will be available for adoption. They are all doing very well and adapting beautifully to their new lives. Adoptions will be held from Noon until 3 PM at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic (5322 Patterson Avenue).  Details, directions and photos of the kittens can be found on our web site www.saveourshelters.com.  The kittens pictured in this blog post WILL be at the adoption event, so be sure to come down and say “hi!”

Have a wonderful weekend,

(Editor’s Note: The pictures from this blog post are also available on Flickr.  Click here!)

News Release: FOX 35 Kitten Adoption Opportunity This Weekend

Richmond, Virginia (July 11, 2008) – A number of the kittens rescued during a Trap, Neuter and Return effort behind a local television station will be available for adoption this weekend from Save Our Shelters (SOS).

In the approximately two weeks since SOS and other groups became involved, 26 kittens and six adult cats have been recovered from the area behind WRLH-TV (FOX 35) and several other businesses in the 1900 block of Westmoreland Street in Henrico County. Several of the kittens have already been adopted. Twelve more are scheduled to be available alongside other SOS cats at this Sunday’s adoption clinic from noon until 3 p.m. at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic, at 5322 Patterson Avenue in Richmond.

“These FOX 35 kittens are healthy, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on their vaccinations,” said Save Our Shelters Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch. “Just as important, they’ve been socialized during their time living with SOS volunteers. They are frisky, loving kittens who exhibit no feral behavior.”

The Trap, Neuter and Return method is the only humane way to control the population of a feral cat colony. Several humane organizations are working to trap every cat living in the colony on Westmoreland Street. The Richmond SPCA is providing the spay or neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and other medical care to the cats after they’ve been recovered. Adult cats that are not socialized will be released back into their habitat after being spayed or neutered, and are monitored by volunteers. Kittens removed from the site are being socialized by SOS volunteers and offered for adoption to loving homes.

The trapping portion of the Trap, Neuter and Return program is expected to continue for several more weeks.

About Save Our Shelters
Founded in 1996, Save Our Shelters (SOS) is a registered 501(c)3 organization with a goal of ensuring the humane treatment of all animals. For more information on SOS, please visit www.saveourshelters.com.

Media Contact:
Steve Mullen
EndGame Public Relations
(804) 382-0017

Still More SOS Media Appearances Coming Up!

The FOX 35 cat colony remains on the minds of the Richmond media.  Here’s what’s coming up:

  • TONIGHT on the FOX 35 news at 10pm and channel 12 news at 11pm, you’ll find a short piece about our call for people to NOT feed the cats.  The story will include a soundbite from SOS Director of Cat Rescue Peggy Lynch.
  • This Sunday, July 13, we’re expecting a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, written by Bill McKelway.  We’re still a little unsure about the exact angle, but we know it will mention the upcoming adoption opportunity at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic (noon until 3pm!)